Common Questions

Are you UKAS accredited?

The Trace Elements in Serum, Blood and Urine schemes for UKNEQAS for Trace Elements and all UKNEQAS Guildford Peptide Hormones Schemes are accredited to ISO 17043:2010. The Solid Matrix Scheme and Aluminium in Water Scheme are not accredited and are for educational purposes only.

How do I update contact information or method information?

Contact the scheme by e-mail or using the update contact details form to update us with any changes to addresses, contact name, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, method changes or unit changes. Please make sure to supply your UK NEQAS number if you contact us by e-mail.

How does the annual registration process work?

The scheme runs on a yearly cycle that starts in April and ends in the following March. Participants are asked to re-register for each cycle to keep our records up to date. Re-registration occurs in February. We use an online form on the reporting website to re-register most labs, but where the lab has special requirements a “paper” registration form will be e-mailed out. As we use e-mails to communicate regarding registration it is important this information is kept up to date. If you have not heard about re-registration by the middle of February please contact us.

I was unable to analyse my EQA in the distribution period, what do I do?

If you have been unable to analyse the EQA material during the distribution period please contact us with the reason. Depending on the circumstances we can offer you an extension or enter your result as “XPL” so that it doesn’t count for your persistent poor performance. Late results can be accepted at the discretion of the scheme management up to the release of the final reports (alongside the next months interim report).