Amend Results

Both schemes release interim reports prior to releasing a final report alongside the next distributions interim report. This allows participants to review their results and notify us of any errors.

To correct a result, the scheme should be contacted by e-mail. The issue should be explained and evidence of the correct result should be attached. A screenshot of the result from the analyser is usually sufficient but if we require additional evidence we will request it. Evidence must be provided before an amendment can be made. All amendments are made at scheme managements discretion.

Once the amendment is approved by scheme management the result will be changed and the new report uploaded. Depending on the amendment it may be classified as a blunder.


Blunders are defined as errors, such as analysing the wrong sample or incorrectly transcribing results. These are usually still corrected so as to not confuse the analyser performance but the number of blunders occurring may in itself be an indicator of poor performance. Laboratories are allowed 1 blunder per scheme year, any additional blunders will count towards poor performance.