Enter Results

Results for the current distribution should be entered online via the Birmingham quality reporting site. The website can be accessed here

To access the website you will require your UK NEQAS lab ID and password. If you do not have either of these please get in touch, either through the contact us button or by e-mail, and we will be able to help. Once signed in select results next to the relevant scheme. Remember to check the units to ensure they are correct.

To enter results after the online distribution has closed, please e-mail the results to for UK NEQAS Trace Elements scheme or for UK NEQAS Guildford Peptide Hormones scheme. If the interim reports have been released please provide a screenshot of the results from your analyser when sending the results as this is required to accept the results. If the final reports have been released reports can only be changed in extenuating circumstances. This is done at the discresion of the Scheme Manager and Scheme Director.

To submit results for the Solid Matrix Scheme please e-mail them to us at .